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Party Hacks: Red, White, and Blue Colorblock Drink



Red, White, and Blue Colorblock Drink

I am so excited to be starting a new series called Party Hacks, where we show you some simple and easy tricks you can do to make any occasion more exciting. This month we have a fun patriotic-inspired drink for the 4th of July: Red, White, & Blue Colorblock Drink.

This recipe is actually really simple and looks so fun for a Summer barbecue party!


  • Cranberry Juice (We used both Cranberry Apple and Cranberry Raspberry and loved them)
  • Blue Sugar-free Sports Drink
  • Coconut Drink
  • White Sports Drink
  • Ice

First, we pour in the Cranberry into a fun, tall glass. Pour until you reach 1/4 of the glass, then carefully add ice until the top of the glass. The ice will make the Cranberry layer rise, so don't add too much!

Next, we mixed 1/2 coconut drink and 1/2 white sports drink. We did this because the coconut adds that rich opaque white color and the white sports drink makes it smooth and so that the layers blend well together. It works perfectly! Once the two white drinks are mixed well, pour the mixture very slowly over the top of the ice. If you go to quickly the drink layers will blend. Pour until you reach

Then add the blue sports drink by pouring slowly again over the ice. 

Last, be sure to add a fun drink stirrer, like we did here!  That's it! It is pretty simple and makes a huge impact. I hope you love it!

Click below to watch the video

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